the Broughton's

This slice of paradise is a hidden gem and is slowly becoming recognized as one of the greatest boating destinations on earth.  Throughout the Broughton Archipelago a great number of private anchorages are to be discovered around every single corner. Rustic resorts, well stocked marinas, sufficiently populated fishing holes and unmatched beauty is only a few of the things that can be found in the Broughtons. With Port McNeill acting as a central hub for the Broughtons, international flights are traveling to and from North Island Marina on a daily basis.

  • Sea Wolf Adventures

    Sea Wolf Adventures

    Reconnect with nature and learn about First Nations culture in an all-in-one experience that combines respectful wildlife viewing with a…

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  • Jennis Bay Marina

    Jennis Bay Marina

    Jennis Bay is one of the most beautiful, history laden destinations on the Pacific coast. With breath-taking, varied and unique…

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  • Sullivan Bay Marina

    Sullivan Bay Marina

    We are a unique floating village located off the North Coast of Vancouver Island on the edge of the Broughton…

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  • Nimmo Bay Wilderness Lodge

    Nimmo Bay Wilderness Lodge

    Nimmo Bay Resort was incorporated in October of 1980. The lodge was purchased as an old float house on a…

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  • Kenmore Air

    Kenmore Air

    With 25 aircraft in operation, 52 pilots on staff and more than 250 employees in peak season, Kenmore Air is…

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